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Fees & payment

We are able to provide estimated costs for procedures carried out by London Urology Associates upon request. These figures are always a guide and may vary slightly according to each individual case; we can confirm the exact price of your treatment after your consultation.

If you have private medical insurance, it is a good idea to contact your insurer prior to your first appointment. It is well worth ascertaining the full scope of your policy at an early stage so you are clear about the procedures it covers, making sure you enquire about claims for investigatory measures including imaging, surgery and hospital fees. All our consultants are registered with the major insurance companies. However, a number of companies will insist on you first having had a referral from your GP or another specialist, so it is particularly important to contact your insurer if you are self-referring. The LUA secretarial team are on hand to help answer queries or respond to any objections your insurer may raise – please do not hesitate to contact them on 020 7224 5089 or by emailing info@lua.co.uk.

Your insurer should then issue a pre-authorisation letter which you should bring to your first consultation. If you require surgery, you will also need to present your insurance details at the hospital on the day you are admitted. We also accept letters of guarantee from embassies or other companies, as long as you tell us in advance and then bring the relevant information along to your appointment. However, patients who are insured by companies outside the UK are required to pay for any treatment themselves and then make a separate claim. All patients hold the final responsibility for settling their own account and will be called upon to make up any shortfalls if an insurer withholds or limits payment.

If you are opting to self-pay, you will be asked to settle the account on the same day of your consultation and then prior to any surgical procedure. We accept all credit and debit cards except American Express and all cheques should be made payable to London Urology Associates.

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