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Self-Help Measures

  • Eating a healthy diet and drinking enough fluids may be beneficial
  • Avoiding substances which irritate the bladder (alcohol, caffeine, citrus, hot/spicy foods) may alleviate symptoms
  • Emptying the bladder frequently and completely may decrease urgency
  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga or pilates may help reduce pain
  • Good hygiene and hand washing to prevent contamination of the penis/urethra by bacteria from the rectal area. Wearing a condom during anal intercourse will help prevent infection
  • Warm baths may relieve pelvic pain
  • Some activities such as cycling may increase symptoms
  • Some men find acupuncture, meditation, massage therapy and chiropractic therapy to be helpful

A lot needs to be learnt about prostatitis, the causes and treatment. However, it is beneficial to thoroughly investigate symptoms and commence treatment on presentation of symptoms.

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