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What to expect from your Consultation with Cristina Howard

After a careful evaluation of your current medical profile, Cristina will:

  • focus on your present dietary habits (the quality and type of meals you are currently consuming)
  • uncover any vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • assess your immune and adrenal functions and how efficiently your gastro-intestinal system is digesting, absorbing and utilising the nutrients
An individually tailored programme will be discussed and agreed with you that will incorporate:

  • suggestions for diet changes aimed to improve existing medical conditions
  • nutritional methods to aid and speed up recovery as well as to prevent re-occurrence of disease
  • advice on the best available supplement combinations in order to correct any nutrient deficiencies
  • information on how to address potential side-effects of short/long term drug medication
  • suggestions and food recipes for deliciously nutritious meals and at least 5-6 individually tailored menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with suggestions for healthy eating when dinning out or travelling

Should it be necessary to pursue a more in depth assessment of your nutritional profile you will be referred to specialised laboratories that provide a unique range of medical and nutritional tests.

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