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What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine evaluates and aims to improve at cellular level any underlying cause of illness through individually-tailored dietary intervention, supplement programmes and lifestyle changes.

Our creed is: "Simple dietary changes alone have the power to prevent, slow or even reverse many major chronic diseases." Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Our nutritional assessment involves a careful analysis which will determine any nutritional deficiencies resulting from either poor dietary habits, life-style factors or an already pre-existing condition.

Nutritional tests will assess your vitamin and mineral status as well as your absorption parameters. Based on the results, a correct and adequate nutritional supplementation programme will be prescribed, taking into account:

  • your genetic profile,
  • specific nutrient deficiencies,
  • the status of your digestive and immune function,
  • any other prescription medication you are currently taking.

Health is a positive vitality representing more than the absence of disease

You will be provided with an individually tailored nutritional programme that will distinguish between highly nutritious foods and those foods to avoid due to their potentially pro-carcinogenic effect as well as with a number of menu suggestions.

For patients undergoing surgery we offer in-depth nutritional counselling pre- and post-surgery.

It is now widely accepted that health is a manifestation of appropriate intracellular response to the environment through adequate defence, cellular repair and balance of physiological functions. Linking food to health and thinking about food therapeutically represents the first step towards achieving it.

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