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Victoria Lehmann
SRN Dip. Human Sexuality

Areas of expertise: Sexual Medicine and Relationship Therapy

Victoria works with a variety of sexual problems: Male and female sexual dysfunction, erectile failure, ejaculatory disorders, loss of sexual interest and couple counselling.

Victoria believes that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to be intimate as sexual issues often cause immense distress to both individuals and couples. She is particularly interested in the effect that illness, mood, surgery and medication have on relationships and intimacy. Her book “Sleeping with ED” was written to offer practical and therapeutic support for couples.

Since starting her career as a State Registered Nurse, Victoria has gained a wide range of qualifications in sexual therapy and medical education. She has lectured on all aspects of sexual dysfunction to undergraduates, graduates and medical professionals, and has also published a wide range of articles on subjects such as erectile dysfunction.

Before joining the London Urology Associates, Victoria was a sex therapist for Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust, and also lectured at Brighton & Sussex University Medical School. Victoria has provided telephone advice for the Impotence Association, and been Vice Chairman for The College of Sex and Relationship Therapists.

A member of a wide range of professional bodies including the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, Victoria has appeared on radio and television to discuss sexual dysfunction and has even acted as a script adviser to BBC Eastenders on a storyline about impotence.

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