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Victoria Lehmann - Curriculum Vitae


  • 1978 - State Registered Nurse, The Middlesex Hospital
  • 1982 - Family Planning Certificate, Queen Charlottes Hospital
  • 1992 - Diploma in Human Sexuality, St Georges Hospital London
  • 1992 - Diploma Course Therapy with Couples, The Maudsley Hospital
  • 2003 - Certificate in Medical Education, Post Graduate Medical School Brighton


  • Lecturer and Module Leader for Post Graduate Medical School, Brighton - Sexual Health Module
  • Lecturer for the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Department of Psychology, Post Graduate & Undergraduate Medical School on Sexuality and GP Training modules
  • Developed training courses in Human Sexuality for Medical Professionals
  • Represented major drug companies, promoting the importance of sexuality
  • NHS and Private Practice Sex & Relationship Therapist
  • Lecturer to Health Professionals throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia on all aspects of sexual dysfunction
  • Research into the psychological and physiological causes of sexual dysfunction

Positions Held

  • Sex Therapist, Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust, The Agora Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic, Urology Dept Brighton and Sussex Hospital Trust
  • Lecturer, Brighton & Sussex University, Medical School
  • Telephone Adviser, The Impotence Association
  • Lecturer at various Medical Schools & Universities throughout the UK
  • Vice chairman for The College of Sex and Relationship Therapists
  • Representative for the major drug companies promoting the importance of sexuality
  • Tutor MSc & Diploma Course in Human Sexuality at St George’s Hospital, London
  • Sex & Relationship Therapist, Priory Hospital, Roehampton; The Princess Royal Hospital & Ashdown Hospital, Haywards Heath; British Airways Assistance Programme
  • Sex & Relationship Therapist in private practice
  • Psychosexual Counselling Adviser for Meet a Mum Association & Association for Post-Natal Illness
  • Lecturer to health professionals on Post-Natal Illness and all medical aspects of sexuality
  • Teaching medical students at St George’s Hospital on all aspects of relationship problems and sexuality
  • Research into psychological aspects of Post-Natal illness
  • Set up self-support group for first time mothers
  • Administrator to the Association of Post Natal Illness; managed the office & staff; counselled mothers suffering from Post Natal Illness; lectured to groups of medical professionals; organised conferences, co-ordinated volunteer groups throughout the UK and made TV and radio appearances for the association
  • Family Planning Nurse, Samaritan Hospital for Women, Charing Cross Hospital & Queen Charlotte’s Hospital London
  • Voluntary work, Association of Post Natal Illness
  • Staff Nurse, Soho Hospital for Women


  • Appeared on TVAM to discuss Post Natal Depression and women’s sexual problems and health issues & Kilroy Silk to discuss the implications of Viagra
  • Various BBC radio broadcasts including National Talk Radio, Southern Counties, Radio Solent, Radio Kent, Radio Humberside, Radio Northwest, Talk Sport Radio
  • Adviser to BBC Eastenders concerning storyline about impotence & Viagra
  • Talk Sport Radio adviser on men’s health
  • Korean TV show for men suffering with impotence
  • TV appearances in south Africa and Poland regarding the menopause

Articles - Research

  • “Sleeping with ED” book published 2008
  • The Usefulness of Teaching a module on sexuality within a Urology Out-patient Department using the Problem-based Learning Approach
  • The Importance of Transference and Counter Transference in the Training of Communication and Sexuality
  • Sample analysis of patients in whom PDE5 inhibitors treatment failed or is contraindicated
  • Undiagnosed co-morbidity in new erectile dysfunction patients
  • Impaired reactive hyperaemic response of the forearm vessels in patients with erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Journal Sex Med.
  • Did PDE 5 inhibitors revolutionise awareness and treatment of ED?
  • The importance of addressing partner’s response to male sexual dysfunction - An overview of 608 patients presenting at a sexual dysfunction clinic.
  • A simple non-invasive test to detect vascular disease in patients with erectile dysfunction- A novel method. Journal sex Med.
  • Saga Magazine- “Old age and Sex”
  • The Haynes Brain Manual- “Hard Drive”


  • College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists
  • British Menopause Society
  • The Sexual Dysfunction Association
  • Association for Sexual Health and HIV
  • British Society of Sexual Medicine


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