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Caroline Moore, Consultant Urological Surgeon


Caroline Moore has been a Senior Clinical Researcher at University College London & Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon at University College Hospital since October 2012. She trained within the London Deanery and University College London, UK. She began her MD work in 2002, was awarded her MD in 'Photodynamic therapy for Prostate Cancer' in 2007, and has continued her research interest in novel ways of diagnosing and treating prostate cancer since that time. Her particular interests are in the use of MRI to detect clinically significant disease, MRI-targeted biopsy, image based personalised active surveillance programmes, and focal treatment of prostate cancer. She has expertise in the set up and running of both investigator led and commercially sponsored randomised controlled studies in prostate cancer management, and the development of novel diagnostic systems.

She is an active clinical researcher and has published in the areas of MRI-targeted prostate biopsy, active surveillance and focal therapy for prostate cancer. She is involved in numerous international collaborations in prostate cancer diagnosis, active surveillance and focal therapy.

To book a consultation with Caroline Moore please call 020 7224 5089 or use the appointment form.

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