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Suks Minhas - Other Information

Positions of responsibility held -

  • Chairman Urological Surgeons, section of Andrology and Genital Surgery
  • Andrological teaching for trainees on the London training programme
  • Faculty member European School of Urology
  • Supra-regional head of Oncological services for genital oncology UCLH
  • Member of BAUS Council
  • Chairman of international and national sessions at scientific meetings
  • International visiting surgeon and andrologist to a number of international hospitals
  • Invited lecturer both nationally and internationally
  • Member of the European and International Society of Sexual Medicine
  • Editor of the European Society of Sexual Medicine website and newsletter
  • Referee for the British Journal of Urology International
  • Referee for the Journal of Sexual Medicine
  • Referee for European Urology
  • Referee to the International Journal of Clinical Practice
  • Referee to Biomed Central
  • Faculty of 1000
  • National Peer Reviewer for Urological Cancer
  • North London zonal peer review advisor

Research Interests -
I have an active interest in both clinical and basic science research. I have supervised basic science research in the areas of priapism, penile smooth muscle pharmacology, Peyronies disease and the molecular biology of penile cancer. I have supervised 5 phD and MD students.

My own MD was awarded with commendation “The pathophysiological role of nitric oxide and prostanoids in the control of rabbit corporal smooth muscle tone.” May 2001.

Journal Reviewer -

  • International Journal of Impotence research.
  • International Journal of Clinical Practice.
  • British Journal of Urology International.
  • The Journal of Sexual Medicine.
  • Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Teaching and Education - Mr Minhas is committed in teaching and education and has attended and led many seminars nationally and internationally

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