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Rowena Couling
Urology Nurse Practitioner

Rowena joined LUA in 2005 as Urology Nurse Practitioner. Originally from South Africa, she completed her four year Nursing Diploma in her home country and then gained a further four years of experience in acute surgical nursing and casualty work in the private sector. Having then moved to the UK, Rowena started work as a registered nurse at the Princess Grace Hospital, before attaining a Senior Staff Nurse post on the urology ward. She first began working closely with the LUA consultants when she was promoted to the role of Urology Clinic Nurse Specialist, which led to her eventually joining the LUA staff.  Since that time, Rowena has continued to develop her career; she has a BSc (Hons) in Urological Nursing from Southbank University and she is also now an independent nurse prescriber. She now works independently from LUA although she remains integral to the team, possessing the qualifications and experience to assess patients when needed, and to support her colleagues with advice based on the latest urological information.

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