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Micro-surgical Vasectomy reversal

Mr Minhas is a trained micro-Surgeon and is also involved in teaching other surgeons micro-surgery.  He performs a micro-surgical vasectomy reversal using an operating microscope and has extensive experience of this tecnique.  The procedure will take up to 3 hours to perform. In some instances a micro-surgical vasectomy reversal is not possible and a more complex procedure called a vaso-epididostomy is necessary which Mr Minhas can also perform at the same time.

While performing vasectomy reversal, Mr Minhas is able to retrieve sperm directly from testes (TESE), which can be frozen as a back-up if the vasectomy reversal is not successful.

Due to the length of the anaesthetic procedure we normally advise patients that they should stay overnight in hospital, although some centres will do this as a day case, or alternatively under sedation.  Using very fine suture material, which is not visible to the naked eye, the two ends of the vas deferens are joined up under the microscope.  Patient’s should be aware that they need to take one week off following such surgery.

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